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Yellow raft

The ocean yearns infinite blue
To the far off walls of a misty sky.
Within its careless heart, bobs a yellow raft
Melodious with each sensuous swell and watery kiss.
Lies a lone sailor cocooned within it’s rubbery skin
His eyes burned free of tears and regret
A breathless loneliness that is as boundless as his captor.

Death won’t be so cruel as the life that led him here
Into it’s sleeping arms he’ll gladly lay
But until that wistful embrace,
His body singing its woeful tale,
Into the humid maw he’ll linger
Toward a sun that will never lift again.

Until the liquid blue turns to black,
To its inky, fathomless depth
And that suborn pump clawing beneath his brittle ribs
Thumps its last,
He’ll blindly see what can’t be seen
Not with living eyes anyway.
Until the sweet twilight air passes parchment lips
once, twice
Then passes no more.