Whisper Soft

Time lunged with angry claws
We wrestled for awhile
Desperate, too afraid to quit
I threw him to the fire
And though not dead
He moved so slow as to let me think

The stars had left the sky a seamless black
Only sprinkling back, one by one
As time began to melt

I went to muse’s door to ask her come
She joined me, beautiful and sweet
Together, we watched the sky, the stars return
When butterfly, whisper soft
Landed in her hair

She bade me write the words again
But stars and time returned
and she was gone

© Jay Magidson, 2013



You lie liquid on your throne
Sublime beauty, your thoughts
A mystery

In bosom’s chest you hide
A lover lost, so many years,
So many thoughts ago

But our minds wander
And go empty at a glance
For it is you we desire

And with that look,
We melt with passion,
Your heart ignored,
So lost in our own.

We fall into your eyes
And toss our souls to the ground
Soft cushions
For your perfect feet.

© Jay Magidson, 2011 (published in “Madness of the Muses” 2013)



In the arid winds, trees wilted and dry
The poisonous air still and grave,
Rivers now just furrowed dreams.
Your audience gone,
Who will applaud your play?

© JayMagidson, 2015


Life’s Mask

Life prances to the front of the stage,
The front of the cage,
Look at Me.  Look.  Me.

The spotlight turns, tries to follow,
Tries to swallow,
But, I’m not.  Ready.  Not. Ready.

The audience applauds, stands and cheers
Stands and jeers,
They love. Hate. Know. Judge. Me.

The theater empty, the curtain drawn,
The curtain gone,
I’m Alone.  Scared.  Bind.  Not.

The mask, the makeup, the bones revealed,
The bones dissolved.
But. I’m not


© Jay Magidson, 2017