‘Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting …’

Jay Magidson is a writer, poet, inventor, dreamer, father and husband.  He loves art in most of its manifestations.  “Human beings are not fully human without art.”

Jay wrote his first novel, Threshold of the Mind in the small slices between life: on the bus, in the wee hours of the morning, while waiting to get the tires changed on his car.  It took 12 years, but it got written (and rewritten). In the Fall of 2012 it will be available in print.  But this was not nearly enough and during the latter part of this same period, he was writing poetry, short stories and children’s stories.  In October 2011, Shira’s Wish a children’s story with photographs by Bobbie Goodrich was released in print and for the kindle.  In July 2012, Colors, a novel of self-discovery was released in print (kindle version also available).

In early August 2013, Jay and his wife, Ingrid released Madness of the Muses, a monograph of her artwork.  This beautifully produced hardcover book was purposefully done differently.  Jay and Ingrid felt that too many art books are unreadable, or just picture books with the text as filler.  Instead they used this opportunity to tell Ingrid’s inspirational story in short essays along with poignant quotes and poetry.  The result is a book, both visually stunning, and infinitely readable.  Click here to see a sample or to order a copy.

The future is bright.  Jay will release his fifth book at the end of 2013.  The Crystalline Sword is a novel for young adults, but will certainly appeal to anyone with a sense of mystery and the unknown.  From the back cover:

Talia and Devin are an unlikely couple, teenagers coming from very different backgrounds.  Talia is the only daughter of Iranian immigrants and Devin the son of a struggling single American mother.  The discovery of a glowing blue crystal throws both of them into an adventure neither wanted and neither can escape without each other.  This strange mineral has the ability to bring them into their past and future selves, but once there, they must stay until their other self dies.  Each new crystal they discover brings them greater power and clarity, but also makes them more vulnerable and visible to an ancient evil entity.  Kmir will stop at nothing to gather all of the crystals including killing all the past and future versions of Talia and Devin.  It is now a race to find all of the crystals hidden across the world and time to discover why and who scattered them.  Talia and Devin risk much more than just their own lives.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Melton Magidson said:

    Dear Jay,
    Were can i get a copy of “The Crystalline Sword”?

    • Melton Magidson said:

      what does moderation?

    • I am so glad you want to read The Crystalline Sword. It is currently in the final stages of editing and should be available in November. Keep an eye out here on the blog. Or if you haven’t, be sure to sign up at the top right of the blog where it says “follow me.” All you have to do is enter your email address and you will be updated every time a new blog article comes out.

  2. Scott Henseler said:

    Hey Jay. My name is Scott Henseler and I was the rock shop owner in Helper UT. You gave me three of your books and I just got done reading “Threshold of the Mind”. That book was fantastic!!!!! As I was reading it I was telling my wife that it was really good and you needed to nail the ending. Well, you nailed it! I can really see this being made into a movie one day. I really hope you are thinking of a part two and make this a series. Your wifes art is really good and I a’m happy that its getting the reconition it deserves. Scott

    • For all those reading this: Scott Henseler has a terrific rock shop in Helper, UT (about an hour or so east of Salt Lake). I stopped there on my way back from California. Great crystals at very reasonable prices. A real gem (pun intended).

      Thank you Scott for the kind words about my book. It is a great pleasure to write and the greatest reward when a reader appreciates your work. I look forward to seeing you and your store on my next trip west (maybe sooner than I think).

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