Children’s Fiction

Shira’s Wish by Jay Magidson, Photographs by Bobbie Goodrich

Shira's Wish by Jay Magidson - Now Available

Shira’s Wish by Jay Magidson – Now Available

Shira is misunderstood. Everyone treats her like an ordinary 10 year old girl. She wishes with all her heart to be taken away, to be someone special. That night, she is awakened by two real live lion cubs jumping on her bed. They take her to their family in the African Savanna, where Shira is transformed into a lion cub too. Excitement and danger abound everywhere – huge elephants, quick zebras, and even leopards who would like to make her their dinner!

16 Full Color Illustrations

$12.95 Print Version Available on Amazon
$5.95 Kindle Version Available on Amazon

The Christmas Pieces and Other Stories by Jay Magidson

Athenea was five when she got her first Christmas piece.  This was the age that most children began getting their gifts.  Each day, starting with the day after Christmas, a child would get a single piece of his or her Christmas toy.  The piece was unrecognizable in itself.  It was a shape, a bit of polished wood, a spring, or a gear.  And it would just show up on the special Christmas tray in each child’s room.  Athenea suspected that her parents put the piece there, but she had never seen them do it, no matter how late she stayed awake.  So everyday a new piece would appear.  This went on for an entire year. And if all the pieces were there, and the child had been good, on Christmas morning, with the rising of the sun, the child would watch as the pieces magically joined together to make an incredible toy.  Each was unique, each nearly alive.  And this toy would last the entire year, and then it would disappear with the birth of next year’s toy.

Available 2013

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  1. JAY
    Much deserved Congrats on all your wonderful new books…..
    bobbie goodrich
    check out my site I’ve another idea for a collaborative
    children’s book!

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