Threshold of the Mind by Jay Magidson

Threshold-FrontCoverProject today’s benign worship of technology and materialism 70 years into the future, to a time of extreme competition and efficiency.  To a time where the average worker spends his life plugged into virtual reality – who has become a slave to the impossible demands of an interconnected world that never sleeps or ever stops working.

Four lives collide when they are forced to face the impossibility of life without humanity.  Alvar Terrahaute is the leader of the peaceful group called the Anti-Techs, a farming co-op whose only goal is to be left alone; Ezekiel Malaffaires, the technological genius and sociopath who spends his days and nights breaking into secure sites and causing mayhem; Alexia Serguey, the brilliant scientist with a guilty conscience who has discovered a way to link all human minds together into a telepathic network; and Tatsuo Hamachi, the wealthiest man on earth, the megalomaniac businessman determined to control every mind connected to his new mental network – at whatever cost.

In the Image of God by Jay Magidson

Threshold of the Mind
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322 pages, only $12.95 in paperback; $4.99 on Kindle

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Colors by Jay Magidson

Colors by Jay Magidson - Now Available in Print
Colors by Jay Magidson – Now Available in Print

Nine Colors – Nine Chances
After a bitter fight with his girlfriend, Paul finds himself lost in a strange part of the city, broke, and alone at night in the freezing rain. Suddenly he discovers an open restaurant which wasn’t there a moment before. Paul’s long night is about to get a lot longer, and a lot stranger. To return home, he must journey through nine separate colors, nine separate realities – or be lost forever.

Jay Magidson has woven 9 short stories into a surreal journey of discovery and realization; a place where reality mixes with imagination. If you ever thought life couldn’t get any stranger – think again.

164 pages – Trade Paperback

$9.95 Available in print on Amazon
$3.99 Available for Kindle and Kindle readers

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